1. Abdul Samad, “Detection of Acoustic Signal Associated with Electrial Treeing Development in XLPE Cable”- On Going
  2. Nazatul Shiema Moh Nazar, “Electrical Tree Characteristics of XLPE Nano-Composite Under HVDC an Impulse Application”- On Going
  3. Noor Syazwani Mansor, “Electrical Insulation Characteristics of XLPE Cable with Addition of Nanofillers” – On Going
  4. Sabah Ramadhan Mohammed, ” The Design of New HVDC Power System Using MATLAB/Simulink Sotware” – Graduated 2019
  5. Kiasatina binti Azmi, “A Comparative Study of AC Partial Discharge Activity due to the Presence of Impurities in PFAE, Envirotemp FR3 and Mineral Oil as Liquid Dielectric in Power Transformer” – On Going
  6. Tiang Tow Leong, “Prediction of the Exact Airgap Magnetic Field Distribution and Its Influence on Rotor Losses in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines” – Graduated (Co-Supervision).
  7. Muhammad Mokhzaini bin Azizan, “A New Design of Three Phase Transformer Under Nonlinear Load Condition” – Graduated 2013 (Co-Supervision).
  8. Lee Sze Sing, “Novel Series Resonant High Voltage DC-DC Converter Topologies for X-Ray Systems” – Graduated 2013 (Co-Supervision).
  9. Wael Abdel Muhdi Yacoup Salah, “Modified PWM Technique for Torque Ripples Reduction in Three Phase PM BLDC Motors” – Graduated 2012 (Co-Supervision).
  10. Khaleel Jdayea Hammadi, “On-Line Fault Diagnostics of Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Based on Motor Current Signature Analysis Method” – Graduated 2012 (Co-Supervision).

MSc. by Research

  1. Nurin Nadzrah binti Mohd Shariff, “Influence of Hybrid Alumina and Titanium Nano Fillers in SiR/EPDM on Electrical Surface Tracking for High Voltage Outdoor Insulator” – On Going
  2. Mohd Hafiz bin Ismail, “Electrical Treeing Characteristic of SiR Nanocomposite” – Graduated 2017
  3. Muhamad Fairus Adzha bin Muhamad Raslani, “Effect of Nano-fillers on Resistance to Tracking of SiR/EPDM Composite for HV Insulation Application ” – Graduated 2017
  4. Muhammad Safwan bin Hamzah, “Electrical Insulation Characteristic of PP/EPDM Nanocomposites” – Graduated 2016 (Co-Supervision).
  5. Noor Syazwani binti Mansor, “Electrical Insulation Properties of PP/EPDM Blends with various Nano-fillers” – Graduated 2015.
  6. Amir Rabani bin Abd Halim, “Energy Efficiency Management and Quality Improvement in Engineering Campus, USM” – On-Going (Co-Supervision).
  7. Abdul Azim bin Abd Jamil, “Electrical Treeing Properties of Silicone Rubber/Organo Montmorillonite Nanocomposite as an Insulator for High Voltage Application” – Graduated 2015.
  8. Kiasatina binti Azmi, “Dielectric Properties of Mixing Palm Oil with Soybean Oil as a Potential Insulating Fluid Transformer“- Graduated 2013.
  9. Farhana binti Mohamad Yusop, “Investigation of Short-Circuit Electromagnetic Force in Three Phase Busbar System” – Graduated 2013.

MSc. by Coursework

  1. Muhammad Umair, “Study on the Insulation Properties of RBDPO for Electrical Power Transformer Application” – Graduated 2011.
  2. Pimpa a/p Soowan, “Study on Analytical Calculation and Simulation Using FEM on the Temperature Rise of Busbar” – Graduated 2011.
  3. Mohamad Adha bin Mohd Idin, “Intelligence Interpolation of Measurement in Time-Current Characteristic of Overcurrent Relay in Power System” – Graduated 2008.


B. Eng (Hons)

  1. Haoyu Quan, “Wireless Power Transfer Characteristic by Magnetic Coupled Resonator for Mobile Phone Charger Application” – Graduated 2015.
  2. Siti Umaira binti Zakaria, “Development of Data Acquisition System for Leakage Current Measurement Using LAb- View” – Graduated 2015.
  3. Norazzuwa binti Mohamad Razali, “Development of Data Acquisition System for PD Measurement Using LAb- View” – Graduated 2015.
  4. Muhammad Noor Shah bin Samsudin, “Optimization of TEG From Automotive Waste Heat” – Graduated 2015.
  5. Muhammad Adli Syafiq bin Khairuzaman, “Development of Experimental Setup for Investigation Electrical Treeing Characteristic of SiR Nanocomposite” – Graduated 2015.
  6. Nur Fitri bin Abdullah, “” – Graduated 2013.
  7. Nur Tahirah binti Md Ariffin, “AC Breakdown Characteristic of Silicone Rubber and EPDM Blend with Various Types of Nanofillers for Solid Insulator Application” – Graduated 2013.
  8. Mohd Azlan bin Mat Ayob, “Thermoelectric Generator Application for The Road Lighting“- Graduated 2013.
  9. Syibrah Aqilah binti Mustaffa, “Investigation of Resistance to Tracking of Silicone Rubber and EPDM Polymeric Blends with Nano-Fillers“- Graduated 2013
  10. Muhammad Ridwan bin Sundar, “Lightning Impulse Breakdown of RBDPO and Mineral Oil Mixture in Power Transformer Application “- Graduated 2013
  11. Mohamad Syahmi Syafiq bin Mohd Bangsawan, “Development of Partial Discharge Measurement Device for Mineral Based Transformer Oil” – Graduated 2013.
  12. Ahmad Zulhisyam b. Rozali, “ Analytical and Performance Study on Thermoelectric Generator for Road Sign” – Graduated 2012.
  13. Mohamad Faizul Harith b. Mohd Nasir, “ Modeling and Simulation on Multistage Impulse Generator“- Graduated 2012.
  14. Noor Syazwani bt Mansor, “Study on Breakdown Voltage Characteristics in Biodegradable Liquid Dielectric under Quasi-Uniform Electric Field at Various Gap“- Graduated 2012
  15. Nurul Aulya bt Abdul Rahim, “ Study on Breakdown Characterization of PP and EPDM Blending with and without Fillers“- Graduated 2012
  16. Nurul Hidayah bt Abdul Rahim, “ An Investigation on Dielectric Strength of Silicone Rubber and EPDM Blend with Various Types of Nanofillers“- Graduated 2012
  17. Zaini bt Zakaria, “ Development of a Prototype Single Phase Voltage Multiplier using Cockroft-Walton Method for High Voltage Application“- Graduated 2012
  18. Muhammad Suffian Khairi bin Mamat, “ Investigation of RBDPO and Soybean Oil Mixture properties for Oil-Filled Transformer Application“- Graduated 2011
  19. Lau See Ting, “ Study on the Characteristics of Thermoelectric Power Generation (TEG)System for Vehicle Applications“- Graduated 2011.
  20. Saiful Hakim bin Che Mood @ Mahyiddin, “ Study the Power Output Characteristics of Wireless Power Transmission via Magnetic Field Resonance“- Graduated 2011.
  21. Nur Afiqah binti Abd Aziz, “ Modeling High Current Busbar using FEM to Predict Temperature Variation“- Graduated 2011.
  22. Tan Tze Yeen, “ Modeling Single Phase Transformer by Finite Element Method“- Graduated 2010.
  23. Amru bin A. Rahman, “ Analysis of Electric Field and Potential Distribution Along Dry and Clean Non Ceramic Insulator“- Graduated 2010.
  24. Mohd Fareez bin Abd Razak, “ Development of a Protection System for High Voltage Experiment Purposes“- Graduated 2010.
  25. Nuriftitah bt Md Isa, “Circuit Analysis Simulation in Liquid Dielectric Properties Test“- Graduated 2010.
  26. Nik Mohammad Hafiz b. Nik Mohamed Hussin, “ Electric Field Distribution in Air under Various Electrode Configuration” – Graduated 2010.
  27. Mohd Nazlan bin Sapri,”Circuit Analysis Simulation for Lightning Impulse System“- Graduated 2010.
  28. Sara binti Ibrahim, “ Simulation on electrical field distribution of uniform and non-uniform electrode configuration” – Graduated 2009.
  29. Siti Sarah binti Ismail, “ Development of partial discharge measurement device” – Graduated 2009.
  30. Buddy bin Harianto, “ Gas pressure recognition in vacuum interrupter based on PD using neural network” – Graduated 2009.
  31. Ang Yih Shuh, “Design HV direct current generator by analysis the theory of Cockcroft-walton voltage multiplier circuit” – Graduated 2009.
  32. Mohd Amirul Haizad, “ Study on the prospect of marine energy in Malaysia“- Graduated 2009.
  33. Kiasatina binti Azmi,”Study on the research trend of palm oil application in high voltage transformer“- Graduated 2009.

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