Research Grant (as Principal Researcher)

  1. Study The Resistance To Tracking And Electrical Treeing Characteristics Of PP/EPDM Composite With Alumina And Organoclay Nano-Filler , KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI , RM80,000.00, 1/12/2013-30/11/2015
  2. Study on Electrical Insulation Properties of EPDM and Polypropylene Blends , KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI , RM150,000.00, 15/8/2011-13/2/2014
  3. Investigation of The Current Carrying Capacity and Short Circuit Rating of Electrical Bustduct System,Furutec Electrical Sdn. Bhd,50000, 21/10/2011 – 20/10/2013
  4. Development Of A Computational Intelligence System And Its Application To Fault Detection And Diagnosis Of Induction Motors , USM (RU) , RM201,402.00, 15/8/2010-15/8/2013
  5. Study The Breakdown Characteristic Of Petroleum-Based Mineral Oil And RBPDPO Mixture For Liquid-Filled Transformers , USM (RU) , RM171,725.00, 1/8/2010-31/7/2013
  6. Study the dielectric Properties of RBDPO and soybean oil mixture as liquid insulting materials in transformer. , KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI , RM40,000.00, 1/5/2010-30/4/2012
  7. Electrical Discharge Characteristics in Palm Oil as Electrical Insulation Medium , USM JANGKA PENDEK , RM34,100.00, 1/8/2009-31/7/2011
  8. Gas By-Products Analysis of CF3I under PD Stress , USM (INSENTIF) , RM5,000.00, 8/7/2008-9/7/2009

Research Grant (as Co-Researcher)

  1. Design And Experimental Validation Of A Multi-Resonant DC-DC Converter , USM (RU) , RM185,842.00, Shahid Iqbal , 1/12/2013-30/11/2016
  2. Development of Silicon Rubber Nanocomposites for High Voltage Insulating Applications , USM (JANGKA PENDEK) , RM37,561.00, Mariatti Binti Jaafar @ Mustapha , 15/8/2011-14/2/2014
  3. Design and Development of a Compact, Efficient and Fast Transient Response X-ray Power Supply , USM (JANGKA PENDEK) , RM33,808.00, Shahid Iqbal , 1/2/2011-31/1/2013
  4. Personal Verification based on Finger Vein Patterns , USM (JANGKA PENDEK) , RM35,372.00, Bakhtiar Affendi Bin Rosdi , 1/9/2009-29/2/2012

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